Sunday, March 7, 2010

An Old Friend...

Sitting here thinking about how I will create finacial stability for the future, the thought of a old fashion line passed through my thoughts. Bitten was SJP's (Sarah Jessica Parker) line under Steve and Barry, a company that gave celebrities the chance to have their own fashion line of reasonably priced clothing.
I was psyched to know that Bitten was coming out after reading about SJP's thoughts about affordable fashion. She felt the same way I felt, and this created the interest. Although after arriving to the store, I wasn't greeted by a spectacular difference to other retailers, it was nice to know there was another store out there that you could get a crisp white shirt, with a little flair, for $5 and change.
I'll admit that not all the items were great, but you could pick up a few good pieces that you shouldn't be paying an arm, a leg and maybe a two toes for in the first place!
Ah well, I still have Conways...

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