Saturday, March 20, 2010

"If you see me walking down the street..."

I definately did not "walk on by" when I caught a glance at these beautiful beauties. Traveling down the street after a nice walk around the promenade downtown Manhattan, I saw these bags in a store window located on Murray St called Seasonal Whispers. There, I was introduced to Mrs./Ms. Fiore. Isabella Fiore has a line of handbags that are superb. Beautiful detailed design that any woman would like adorning her outfit for the day!

With details like these, you would want to show them off in the light! She also has a footwear line that I haven't seen yet, but if her handbags look like these, I can guess that the shoes should have the same great aesthetics

Due to me not being able to get into the store because it was closed. I researched about Isabella, and found the prices and names of the bags.

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