Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mrs. Wavverly waved at me-Steve Madden

This is the Wavverly. I think these are pretty kool with a funky touch. This would bring funkaayness to a nice black mini. You have two colours to choose from, chestnut and black suede. I would wear the chestnut suede waves with a nice black mini to give a nice contrast. I am seeing a leather mini in my mind (just don't wear it on a super hot day or else you may end up like Ross on Friends, LOL) but any other fabric would due I am sure. Cost-$89.95
Looks like I will be waiting a sale to kick in before I get these :)

By the way, I learn of these jewelry designer tonight, and I think her jewelry would go greay with these sandals. B. Rawlings is the name of the company, name of the girl Brittany Rawlings. I read a bit about her and the company, and I am impressed. She is shooting for her dream and living it at the same time. Check her out too @ (prices on phone request only at this time)

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