Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chainge-Steve Madden

Walking along the street searching for something else, I ran into Steve. He introduced me to a few of fine goodies up his sleeve :)
I saw this sandal and thought it was neat. The would look great with short of any length, or skinny jeans to advertise the sweet detail of the sandal. Perfect for showing off your pretty little manicured toes.

They're sold on the site as well as in the store, you have 4 colours to chose from, a zipper back closure, and it has a good heel height with it's conical* heel, for when your feet need a break from your high heels. Cost-$89.95

I've read a few times that flat shoes are not great for the feet, but as with everthing, moderation is key. These look all right, but it is alway good to keep some Dr Scholl's or store brand shoe products in the baggie.

*Wide round heel that slims down to a point

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