Friday, October 16, 2009


Hello, and welcome to my blog! Excuse the vacancy of the site, I am just beginning. I will have more posted through the following months. Til' then, you will have to wait and see what I will decorate my page with.

Sincerely, LazarusStr*


Check out the links I have posted. They are a few of the sites I enjoy browsing and shopping from. Each retailer has their special trait that draws me to them.

If you're looking for great colour choices in clothing, surf Victoria's Secret. Their colour pallette is fabulous. Not only are the colours beautiful, but so are the styles. They are updating their designer list each season, which means more looks to choose from. They also have a shoe, beauty, and accessories department!

Forever 21 has four other brands that you can browse besides their own. They're great for chic pieces at a reasonable price. They have been getting more fashion forward with their clothing, introducing pieces with great detail, patterns and much more.

Newport News and Spiegel are great for more "grown up" wear as I call it. Sophisticated clothing, accessories, outerwear and more. You must look through their clearance items. You're sure to find items at a steal!

If you're familiar with Rainbows or Joyce Leslie retail chain stores, you will enjoy Go Jane. They are always coming out with new items, and as with the other sites I have posted, they're affordable.

Frederick's of Hollywood has great clothing, lingerie, bra's, panties, shoes and more! Like Victoria's Secret, they only sell their clothing and shoes on their web site. If you can't quite afford undergarments and lingerie from Victoria's Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood is the next best place to shop. Their products run lower, and they have more undergarments that allow you to wear your clothing seamlessly.

I am a fan of the 50's style dresses, so when I fell upon Unique Vintage I fell in love. They have great dress styles from the 20's, 30's, 40's and on! They're up there in price for some of the items, but you can't find these dresses everywhere. Be the Unique one out of the bunch and check out Unique Vintage.

Bag Haus has fashion's latest In-style of bags. View bags from Big Budda, Jessica Simpson and more! They have a $4.95 flat rate shipping or free shipping on orders $100 or more.

Not thinking about buying over $100 in bags? Why not group up with friends to order one big order and save that way! They have also added a video feature enabling you to view the bag on a live model.

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